María Fernanda Flores, Clown, Arte, Thather.

María Fernanda Flores

  • Cerro Imbabura, Antonio Ante, Provincia de Imbabura


Mother. Actress by profession specialized in the theater of gesture and movement.

Vision quester.

Dedicated to the development of art, through popular theater, music, singing, handicrafts, education and pedagogy. Since 2007, he undertakes the path of knowledge, study and work with power plants in search of the innate capacity of people to maintain and improve their quality of life and health.

Maintains a constant work in the development of singing, voice work, as a tool of self-healing, supporting in different ceremonies with power plants, as well as in the Sundances of the sun and Spiritdances of Itzchilatlan Sacred Fire. At the same time she continues to deepen the organic movement through yoga and the theater of the movement.

He is a therapist in Thai massage, therapy for physical and spiritual well-being.

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