What is a Inspyria Gift Voucher?

A Voucher to exchange for any retreat experience for you or your loved ones
  • Start a change: an Illusion
  • An investment in health
  • A chance to disconnect and recharge
  • You buy it now and enjoy it whenever you want

Our GIFT VOUCHER’s benefits

It always fits Who doesn’t want more joy and wellness in their life?
Customisable Write a personal message and pick the image that fits best
Flexible Choose the date and experience that works best
Respectful Environmentally friendly. We don’t use paper. Receive it by email

Design your Gift Voucher!

Create your Gift Voucher by choosing the amount, image and personalised message . Your Voucher will be ready!

Select a voucher
Select an image

¿Quieres ahorrar en tu Vale Regalo?

Crea tu hucha y configura cómo vas a llenarla.

Disfruta de las ventajas de Vale Regalo, y algunas más:

  • Gana recompensas para tu compra.
  • Invita a amigos y familia a contribuir.
  • Pago a tu ritmo sin deuda, riesto e intereses.

How to use a Inspyria Gift Voucher?

  • You receive a Voucher code to reserve any retreat listed on Inspyria.
  • If the experience is more than the voucher balance, you just need to pay the difference.
  • Only 1 voucher can be exchanged per booking
  • Refounds are not possible, but it can be transferred to whoever you choose.
  • Returns are not possible.
  • The amount of 1 voucher can be divided into two bookings if you wish.
  • Any question, please contact our Help desk
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