¿Qué es un Vale Regalo Inspyria?

A Voucher to exchange for any retreat experience for you or your loved ones
  • Start a change: an Illusion
  • An investment in health
  • A chance to disconnect and recharge
  • You buy it now and enjoy it whenever you want

Our GIFT VOUCHER’s benefits

It always fits Who doesn’t want more joy and wellness in their life?
Customisable Write a personal message and pick the image that fits best
Flexible Choose the date and experience that works best
Respectful Environmentally friendly. We don’t use paper. Receive it by email

Design your Gift Voucher!

Create your Gift Voucher by choosing the amount, image and personalised message . Your Voucher will be ready!

Select your voucher
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How to use a Inspyria Gift Voucher?

  • You receive a Voucher code to reserve any retreat listed on Inspyria.
  • If the experience is more than the voucher balance, you just need to pay the difference.
  • Only 1 voucher can be exchanged per booking
  • Refounds are not possible, but it can be transferred to whoever you choose.
  • Returns are not possible.
  • The amount of 1 voucher can be divided into two bookings if you wish.
  • Any question, please contact our Help desk

Discover the experiences your Gift Voucher can provide

What is an INSPYRIA gift voucher?

An INSPYRIA gift voucher is a unique opportunity to change a person's destiny. It may seem that said in this way, it seems like something very grandiloquent, but let us tell you the details, before passing any judgment.

What happens inside you when you start looking for a gift for that special someone?

Surely, looking for the ideal gift for that special person generates anxiety and a kind of covert fear at the slightest suspicion of making a mistake when choosing the wrong gift.

And then you deliver it. And when you give it, you feel that the person, although grateful, expected something else, or you feel that you could have taken more care looking for the perfect gift.

We want to avoid you the bad drink.

For this reason, we offer you the best gifts for a spiritual retreat, which is actually a spiritual retreat in the form of a gift.

But our INSPYRIA gift vouchers have a particularity: when you buy it to give it to another person, it becomes a unique gift for both the one who gives it and the one who receives it.

Give a spiritual retreat

When you decide to give an INSPYRIA voucher for a spiritual retreat, it is actually as if you are honoring the goddess Lakshmi, one of the most important deities in Hindu mythology, because she is the goddess of abundance and prosperity in all her forms.

So, you choose one of our best spiritual, meditation and yoga getaways to give away, you actually invite the person who receives the INSPYRIA voucher to make a call to access the ocean of abundance that lies within yourself and find your inner beauty.

Give a yoga retreat

Because you choose getaways to give away with a spiritual purpose, you are honoring the person to whom you will give the gift. Who can you honor with our gift getaways?

  • To that friend who you can always count on, who listens to you when you need to talk, who encourages you when you need to and who believes in the abundance of the Universe and is happy to share. Because that friend offers everything from love, without expectations. Who better than her to appreciate an INSPYIRIA gift voucher to experience a spiritual retreat?
  • Your partner, who has been practicing yoga for years, but wants to live the experience of a retreat, in the middle of nature, in a beautiful monastery, where the surrounding forest invites conscious hiking and forest bathing.
  • Your son or daughter, who lives worried about his studies.
  • Your neighbor, who has recently confessed to you that he feels lost, unmotivated and without a purpose in life.
  • Yourself, because generosity begins at home. Because abundance flows to you and through you, as it flows both ways.

Getaways to give away

At INSPYRIA we believe that our ability to give and receive freely depends deeply on our own personal beliefs, those beliefs that tell us that we are worthy of love, worthy of gifts and that others are also worthy of these same gifts.

How could you help another person receive the same blessings that you want to receive for yourself?

The answer is simple: give an INSPYRIA voucher for spiritual, meditation and yoga retreats, and you will feel prosperity and abundance.

Just do it! Bring abundance into your life and the lives of the people you love!

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