An online workshop is one way of having a transformative learning experience from your own home

How does it work??

A video conference programme such as Skype, Zoom, or another similar application is used

A schedule is established with all of the outlined activities

Certain behaviours and practices are established such as diet, exercises, and breaks to get the best out of the experience

What are the benefits?

  • Easy and convenient
    Save time and money, with no need to leave home
  • Concentration
    Increase your concentration while home alone, and focus on your practice
  • From anywhere
    You choose wherever you find it most comfortable to do your practice
  • Learn good habits
    Incorporate your learned practices in the same space where you live your life
  • Journey away from home
    You can continue your practice in spectacular locations around the world

What do I need for an online workshop?

  • You will need a laptop computer or tablet with an internet connection
  • A quiet space or room exclusively for your use
  • Having a day free from commitments when you can dedicate your time to practising what’s being taught

Recommended Retreats

  • Iniciación a la meditación y al mindfulness

    160€ / 8 days
    • Oct, Nov, Dec
    • Online
  • Eleva tu autoestima

    195€ / 6 days
    • Oct, Nov
    • Online
  • Mundo Espiritual

    150€ / 7 days
    • Oct, Nov
    • Online
  • Conviértete en tu Propio Gurú

    377€ / 10 days
    • Oct, Nov
    • Online
  • Audio-guía de Baño de Bosque

    20€ / 1 days
    • 31 Oct (start)
    • Online
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