Advantages of going to a spiritual retreat

by Ruth  11-12-2019

I am going to talk about the advantages of going to a Spiritual Retreat, be it Yoga, Mindfulness, or any body or mind techniques.

Offer yourself a (re)treat

Advantages of going to a spiritual retreat

The first thing I would like to point out is the decision to leave everything for a few days and offer yourself self-care. It is a beautiful gesture towards yourself.

Allowing yourself to get out of your routine and spend a few days alone, is frankly a gift that sometimes we find difficult to give ourselves. And truly, healthy habits create full and healthy lives.

The fact of incorporating into your daily routine any gesture dedicated to you has an impact on your well-being. More so if this gesture implies disconnecting from your routine for a few days.

And, above all, practicing techniques that directly impact your physical and mental well-being.

The first thing you will notice when you come back from a Spiritual Retreat is that, generally, retreats take place in beautiful natural places. You will be able to connect with nature on a deeper level, immerse yourself in its environment and take advantage of it in a way that you could not do otherwise.

It is also a perfect excuse to disconnect from technology and get back to the simplicity of life.

Sometimes it is difficult to make decisions when we are so close to the situation. Going to a spiritual retreat can give you the benefit of distance and perspective and look at the situation with new eyes. Sometimes we live our day to day like mice spinning in a wheel. We have jobs that no longer fulfil us, we choose companies that take away our energy, we believe we enjoy free time and in reality we sometimes do nothing but waste time with things that do not empower us.

Sometimes the only way to change is to get out of this inertia. Taking distance for a few days from that lethargy gives you a lucid look to be able to make conscious decisions.

At a Spiritual Retreat, each day has an element of purpose. You are concentrating on your practice and you are relaxing. Your health and well-being are at the center. Every day you can achieve what you set out to do and you find the pleasure of living your life with an element of purpose.

Another benefit of a retreat is having access to inspiring teachers for more than just a class. You can take advantage of any individual moment they offer to help you with your practice and talk with them during the retreat about yoga, meditation and general well-being.

In short, choosing to go on a spiritual retreat, whatever your situation, is a safe bet. You are always going to make something of these days of disconnection. Offer yourself a Spiritual Retreat in moments where you can’t see the light, you are obfuscated and you need to stop in order to survive. Also, you can go on a retreat for the mere fact of enjoying your time with other people, with nature and acquiring or advancing in new techniques that make your life more complete and simple.

Because ultimately, it is the purpose I believe that many of us share : to live meaningful and loving lives.

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