To need a retreat to realize you don’t need one

by Albert  09-12-2019

So much has been said about inner peace and happiness that when we hear or read these words again, they sound like a “cliché”. We think that they are only used by those who want to make money at the expense of others. Similarly, so it happens with spiritual retreats. But the reality is that as much as we misuse and misinterpret these words, they will not cease to be what they are or to exist as they exist.

Spiritual Retreats, a space of recognition and celebration

To need a retreat to realize you don’t need one

Inner peace and essential happiness are a state of Being, that is, of what you really are. This state is unconditional, so it does not depend on what you do or stop doing.

What happens to us today is that we are so confused about what we are. We are strongly identified with our part of the mind that ignores Being. In turn we cannot live this eternal state of inner peace or happiness. This is why we look for it in actions, places, rituals, lifestyles, people, experiences, etc.

We do not realize that the more we seek, the more we are denying what we already have. If we knew what we have we would simply live a life that would express this inner peace.

So in what way can we live this self-given inner peace?

In the same way that the process of denying our eternal and essential happiness arises from a mental process and mechanism of creating your own thoughts and ideas, the process of savouring inner and essential peace also arises from a mental movement.

Which one?

That of attending and opening up to the possibility that in you and in this present moment, happiness and inner peace are existing regardless of whether you attend to it or not, whether you deny it or not, whether you accept it or not. Therefore, we only need a gesture of acceptance, a willingness to see it, a small step of faith.

This is where going to a spiritual retreat comes into play. The rhythms of our lives, the distractions, the bills, the family, the fatigue, the worries blind us. The artificial and denatured conditions in which we live and feed together with many other factors, contribute to keeping our essential consciousness off. Therefore, we convince ourselves that we cannot make this inner and intimate gesture of connecting with what already exists within us.

A spiritual retreat offers you extremely favourable conditions for the essential flame to be uncovered in you. Silence, nature, meditation, listening to how your breathing flows through your body, feeling your muscles, your skin, the vibration of the group… All these conditions more than helping proactively, they do it passively since they are no longer an obstacle between your consciousness and your essence. So it is possible that together with the proposals and activities carried out in a retreat you will discover what is in you, and that does not depend on or need of anything.

When this happens, your life is transformed, because you already know that nothing is lacking. Then, retreats are really no longer necessary, but become a space of recognition, celebration, essential memory, happiness, life and extension of what we really are.

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