You don’t need to be an expert to meditate

by Josema  27-11-2019

Comparing the experience of meditating with other practitioners makes no sense. Everyone has their own rhythm and needs, different capacity, ease and/or difficulty with meditation. Therefore, it is not possible to compare because each one advances in a different way.

Meditation: A personal and individual experience

You don’t need to be an expert to meditate

When we propose our Meditation and Silence retreat , a lot of people ask if they can attend because they have no experience on the subject. Our answer is clear and simple. You can attend whether it is the first time you approach meditation or if you have years of practice.

At the beginning of the retreat, the guidelines for carrying out the practices are explained and remembered. For whoever is the first time, perhaps everything will be new: from maintaining a posture (in a chair or on the floor), experiencing physical stresses… Having to maintain a focused attention, looking inwards, observing, even clashing against mental obstacles, dispersion, etc.

For those with previous experience, what changes is that they know a little more, the way to get in touch with their internal reality. And even so, people who meditate regularly continue to collide with the same difficulties. They have just learnt ways to deal with it, observe it and let it go.

Because meditating is a personal process, it is not something that is the same for everyone. Nor does it depend proportionally on the time you have been exercising, even though it helps.

It’s similar to driving: there are debutants who do it very well from the beginning while there are veteran drivers who show clumsiness.

For this reason, in meditation you cannot compare the experience of one individual with that of another. We cannot compare ourselves; it is only a matter of starting, trusting in our practice, believing in it, insisting, persisting…

There may be meditation groups for regular people, even advanced groups. In the end, when each one shares their experiences, it is seen how time is not so decisive but rather the attitude, dedication, desire, predisposition, commitment and individual situation of each and everyone.

It is about making the path without looking at who is ahead, behind, to the sides … it is a path you must walk yourself, accompanied by a group of walkers.

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