Alternative holidays and a full life

by Angélica  27-08-2018

Nowadays, as we approach the holidays or long weekends we feel eager to leave the city. Get away a little, go to the beach or the mountain, with the desire to forget the stressful work and the madness of the city

Alternative vacations : What are its benefits?

Alternative holidays and a full life

Given these situations, we book a mega trip that we have scheduled for months. We spend a weekend partying. We spend every last cent to have fun and forget about the routine and, after that time of pleasure, we have to return.

Routine begins and after the first 15 days of working, we have already forgotten all about the holidays and felt exhausted and stressed.

Considering alternative vacations can change our lives.

That is why I have decided to tell you what are the benefits of alternative vacations, with activities, therapies and personal development techniques.

Open yourself to an alternative vacation

We all seek a full life, where we have abundance in love, money, health, peace and well-being.

To achieve this life of plenitude, there are ways to achieve it, why not say it. Yes, there is magic and yes, we can feel totally full.

In order to achieve this we need three things that are fundamental: Open your mind and heart to new ideas and really feel life.

1.- Love and be loved. Remember that good is often silent and bad often makes noise. This means that, although in the news they always talk about the bad that happens, for every bad thing, there are many acts of love on the planet.

2.- Do what we love. This means that we must start LOVING WHAT WE DO, we have to turn it around.

3.- Live in a positive way. This is in our way of speaking, in our thoughts and in our actions.

It seems easy to say, but not so much to do it, because it is a little deeper than just words. In order to understand and integrate these three slogans we must know what ways there are to achieve them.

Learn, feel and experience the sensations step by step to meet this state and be able to maintain it over time.

Alternative holidays and more

At this point we find all the benefits of an alternative, spiritual retreat that includes workshops and courses that provide a big energetic dose of love, generosity, kindness and spirituality.

In these holiday retreats, we also receive tools to grow, expand our awareness and be able to permeate our daily life with this new material and lifestyle.

What Will we get from these alternative holidays?

Retreats are usually in comfortable spaces, in nature, where our mind can relax, giving way to full enjoyment and high-quality knowledge so beneficial to us. We meet new people; we begin to enjoy and receive from the outside the most beautiful things we can see inside. A full-fledged spiritual retreat brings lasting well-being to our life.

Do you want to know why we can say this?

When we internally decide to open to receive what alternative holidays can bring us, happiness comes to stay.

13 Wonderful ways to transform your life through alternative vacations

1.-  It favours our passive thoughts, despite seeing the bad, we managed to transform it into good, through learning and introspection.

2.-  We are in contact with nature, that unites us to earth and heaven, giving us the energy we need to recognize our place in the world.

3.- We begin to fully enjoy the here and now, finding peace and quiet increasingly

4.-It favours the connection with the inner child. The game, the enjoyment of the small and big things that make us happy.

5..- t gives us physical well-being through walking, exercise and healthy and conscious food.

6.- We receive and give lots of hugs, enhancing the hormones of happiness and the feeling of belonging to a group that matches our way of seeing life. We manage to feel the experience of unconditional love.

7.- Rest, the true one, which allows us to return to the origin, really releasing the worries consciously and embracing ourselves to the beauty of each present moment.

8.- Activate our spirituality, completely restoring well-being, physical, mental and emotional. It connects us with our true essence, our inner light and the totality that is in us.

9.- We share more contact, more love, more goodness. That awakens the consciousness of unity and group.

10.- We learn to be better people. It encourages us to help others, giving an excellent vision of the happiness we receive when we give.

11.- It activates our gratitude. The moment we begin to be truly grateful, abundance in all aspects comes to our lives.

12.- We leave the comfort zone to start serving others. Growth for our personal well-being but also for that of the group. Full consciousness.

13.- And most importantly, everything we live, learn and feel, we can take with us to our everyday life. If we manage to apply only a 10% of what we receive in a spiritual retreat, our life already begins to change and, if we manage to apply more than that 10% daily, the miracle begins to happen. Exist in full consciousness and feel the fullness in our life.

We will live the present moment … here and now, the eternal beauty of existing.

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