Healthy or fun holidays and retreats? Why choose?

by Inspyria  27-03-2019

Every time we put set our finger on the map, our destiny begins to take shape and we out the first intention on how we will enjoy our time, this “highly valued treasure”. We want to rest, visit places that catch our attention, we hope to meet interesting people with whom to share, laugh and enjoy. This is what we seek when we decide to take a break in our daily lives.

Our health during trips

Healthy or fun holidays and retreats? Why choose?

When we go on holidays, we neglect our health or return to our daily lives more tired, saturated with eating or with the feeling of not having enjoyed enough.

We burning the candle at both ends confusing these pleasures with the feeling of enjoyment, coming back from the holidays worse than we left.

Have you ever wondered how you would like to feel after a vacation? Do you think only of your destiny and the desire to disconnect? Have you ever thought about your health when deciding your holiday destination?

What if you could go on vacation to a beautiful environment, with kind and close people, willing to make you feel every minute, to live an interesting and fun experience and learning keys to improve your health and quality of life?

Some time ago we asked ourselves these very same question: how would we like to feel when we come back from our vacation?

It would be amazing to be able to return to our daily life with sense of fulfilment. Having learned tips to take care of myself and my family, knowing myself better and having developed tools to achieve a healthier life.

I personally began to look for destinies that would provide me with these sensations: to know myself better and deeper, to feel better and to come back with a sense of fulfilment and well-being in all aspects of my life. This longing is what encouraged me to seek health in my travels.

Thus, I learned ways to take care of myself from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, from Ayurveda in India, from Thai care, which expanded the therapies I learned in university as a healthcare professional.

My way of understanding health and life expanded, meeting different points of view that helped me understand that one of the great values ​​of life is in the care and prevention of health.

Over the years I outlined the way to take care of myself and others. I was including in my travels more and more enriching experiences that led me to know other cultures more in-depth and get closer to wonderful people. I was in in indescribable sensations.

Health Retreats

Twelve years ago, together with Ángel García, a great disseminator of oriental wisdom, a meditation and Tao teacher, we began designing Health Retreats where people learned healthy habits in a peaceful and relaxed environment. A place to learn to eat well, exercise to breathe properly, amongst others.

Working with our body and body expression to free ourselves from muscle tension and pain. Learning to unlock the emotional impacts we receive from our experiences and learning to be at ease with oneself and others. Enjoying the group and the environment, allowing each second to be a unique experience.

After multiple experiences, throughout these years, we managed to strengthen a holiday system that has become significant in the lives of many of the people who have accompanied us.

Above all, it allowed attendees to connect with an internal sensation that ends up being a compass. This has encouraged us to continue offering retreats that are a true vital parenthesis.

A voice that accompanies us in our lives to take care of our health. We could say that the connection with one’s intuition is strengthened. Furthermore, we experience a decrease of the internal noise and mental and body tensions that prevent us from listening to ourselves.

Our proposal for a healthy trip

In recent times we have met Liu Zheng, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and physiotherapist. Wise connoisseur of ancestral techniques such as acupuncture, faithful practitioner of meditation and Fa lung dafa, a chi kung style widespread in China.

And it was between the three of us that the idea was born of ​​expressing in words the knowledge of the Taoist philosophy that we shared. A current of vital thought seeking health and longevity. Few cultures have searched like China the path of healthy living with so much heart and soul.

As a group, we three honour this ancient wisdom with the transmission of their knowledge. Allowing people to feel better and recover the “friendly smile.” This is reflected in our latest book “TAO TO LIVE”, where under the philosophy of Tao we want to convey the fundamentals of health and longevity.

Our proposal encompasses a historical enclave, full of experiential and cultural possibilities, to plunge us into a state of internal listening. This with the aim of allowing an experiential “reset”, a point and apart, thus having the possibility of changing and improving our vital adaptation.

Through mind-body techniques, walks into the nature, talks, group dynamics … We will foster an environment for enjoyment and serenity, laughter and introspection, care and sharing. We will connect with circadian cycles to synchronize with our own nature.

A health retreat guided by great professionals that will allow you to learn and get advice for a full and healthy life.

We have prepared a proposal with much love and mindfulness so that anyone can accompany us and enjoy this experience.

 Warm hugs

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