Kundalini Yoga for depression

by Superando la Depresión y el Estrés  09-09-2021

Arm yourself with the tools to reconnect with your source of joy and vitality with Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga: Connect with your source of joy and vitality

Kundalini Yoga for depression

Our lifestyles are often counterproductive to emotional health and well-being. Information overload, demanding jobs, family responsibilities, financial obligations and being disconnected from people in our lives makes it difficult, if not impossible, to experience real happiness. Today, many people suffer from depression and its impacts can be devastating.

Depression manifests itself in many different ways, and often feels like: sadness, loneliness, anxiety, pain, fatigue, mental confusion, memory loss, loss of interest and feelings of hopelessness.

Maybe you can identify with these feelings. You may have resorted to some counterproductive habits in an effort to comfort you. Even if you don’t know any other way to start feeling better this only perpetuates the cycle of depression. There is a way to start feeling better that does not involve harmful habits such as alcohol, tobacco, food, drugs or other harmful forms of self-comfort.

Regardless of the source of your depression, it can wreak havoc on all aspects of your life. Everything is affected by it: from your state of health to your relationships with your work and more. It may seem impossible to escape.

Kundalini yoga can help you in this process, to reconnect with your inner joy and vitality. You deserve to shine!

Our kundalini yoga and meditation retreats offer a series of accessible and practical tools that you can start using to begin feeling better today.

Important note:

These practices are intended to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and help on a journey to overcome depression. The ideas, procedures and suggestions of this retreat are not a substitute for professional medical advice from a trained health professional.

If you think you have clinical depression or a medical problem, contact your medical professional immediately. If you are in an emergency, call to emergency telephone of your country or go to the nearest emergency center.

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