Personal growth

by David  29-07-2019

What’s in a personal growth retreat that you can’t find elsewhere?

The change you longed for

Personal growth
Personal growth retreats are one of the most accomplished since they bring us multiple benefits even when the quest is totally different from one person to the other. One of the many ways to approach this type of retreat is from the perspective of personal coherence.

Going back to the benefits of a personal growth retreat, beyond disconnection and rest, personal coherence helps us to take an inside look, something that we routinely overlook. “Nosce te Ipsum” (Know YourSelf).

This Latin inscription, that we find at the entrance of the ancient temples of Greek knowledge, invites us to conquer the world of knowledge starting with oneself.

The current educational reality is that we learn mathematics to explain external realities, history to know what is happening outside, languages ​​to communicate with those outside, knowledge of fear to see how everything outside grows and works, etc. And after all this, little or no space remains to feed our inner health.

Obviously everything we learn about how the outside world works is very functional and necessary, but if you want to understand yourself from a more introspective approach, you should look at other types of schools. Personal growth retreats offer us a forum to find this possibility.

There are four questions that are basic to work on personal growth:

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you like this?
  • What do you want in life?
  • What is your plan to achieve it?

    Do you see yourself able to answer them, or perhaps you would like to have a little guidance to get meaningful answers?

    In order to answer these questions, the basic educational menu to which you should aspire, should include some of these contents:

    • Mental and emotional self-management
    • Management of your body
    • Focus on spirituality *
    • Activities that inspire you to ask yourself questions that lead you to answers with a vital sense
    • Lonely time to encourage introspection
    • Assembly time to share your reflections with others and make sense of them

    The spirituality we make reference to here is not based on religions. A spiritual person is one who says, feels, thinks and does in the same direction. That is, please understand spirituality as a synonym of coherence and honesty with ones personal values.

    And the cherry on the cake, to your participation in this type of activities, will not only remain what you learn, but you will also take home:

      • New acquaintances
      • The possibility of knowing new places
      • Disconnection from the daily routine to reconnect with yourself
      • Healthy food
      • Physical activity to heal the body, mind and soul

      Do not think about it! Investing in yourself is undoubtedly the best investment that exists. Go on a personal growth retreat to grow and learn how to live a more meaningful life.

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