Together we plant a tree

At Inspyria, we are unsettled by our planet’s deforestation, which is why we are actively collaborating with WeForest. You invest in your wellbeing by booking a retreat with Inspyria and we help bring back the trees in India’s Khasi mountains.

The Khasi Hills in India

  • In brief

    The Khasi Hills in the Indian ecoregion of Meghalaya is well known for being the wettest place on earth, as well as for its unique biodiversity. The villagers are Khasi tribes who have asked WeForest to help them restore their forests. Preparation, alternative sources of fuel, and new farming techniques are crucial when planning to stop further forest degradation. To further improve forest and family health, WeForest is actively coordinating a massive distribution of fuel-efficient cookers.

  • Eco restoration

    WeForest partners with indigenous governments and Khasi villages to restore the forests, using methods like Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) and enrichment planting. The local communities play a central role in the restoration: they manage the tree nurseries, perform the required thinning and weeding, establish natural fire lines, and delimit the no-go zones to protect the forest from animal grazing and human interference.

  • Livelihood development

    By supporting self-help groups and farmer’s clubs, WeForest empowers them to tackle poverty, unsustainable forest exploitation and to take ownership in restoring their forests. This is done through training and financial support for ecotourism initiatives, animal husbandry, tree nurseries, and subsidies for fuel-efficient cooking stoves to encourage a reduction in fuelwood consumption. The region benefits from direct employment opportunities. To mention just a few: regional community facilitators, forestry managers, accountants, project assistants, and others. The Khasi is one of the world’s few matrilineal societies where women are well represented in the project.

A dream

The idea of creating arose from closely observing the online clutter when it came to booking retreats. We decided it was worthwhile to create a meeting place where personal growth experiences, volunteer services, and venues for retreat organisers could be seen, searched, and booked.

Our goal

Our goal is to be a meeting place for those offering and looking for retreats. Through creating this space to promote and highlight retreat venues worldwide, we wish to contribute with our grain of sand to more personal growth and the evolution of global consciousness.

Humble team

Inspyria's team gathered playfellows with different backgrounds to work towards accomplishing the same goal: helping others discover, embrace, and repeat the incredible benefits of a retreat. By offering this tool and our knowledge, we aim to make the process easier, facilitating and encouraging individuals to practice self-love.

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