Amalia Oviedo, CUrandera

Amalia Oviedo

  • Cuenca, Cuenca, Azuay

My name is Amalia Oviedo, 40 years ago I was born in Havana Cuba, my mother was Cuban and my father is Ecuadorian, when I was 2 years old my family moved to live in Ecuador and from that moment my connection with the mountains, lakes and Natural medicine is present in my life. I started my journey with traditional medicine in America when I was 19 years old and I took San Pedro for the first time with Grandpa Arturo Chiriboga and his wife Patricia in Ecuador, they are my elders and with whom I have learned and shared part of this path of personal healing . In these 20 years I have been able to know, accompany and support the work of several men and women of knowledge, of different ethnicities and peoples in the jungle, mountains and the desert. When medicine appeared in my life, everything changed for good, since then I keep surprising myself with the miracles that human beings are able to create when we are in a direct connection with the givers of life: Earth, Water, Fire and Air and as this helps our vibration to continue to rise, contributing to raising the vibrational level of human beings. Deciding to take medicine, participating in a retreat with sacred plants and awakening our conscience is an important step in our life, many times it is not easy, but it is always healing and connects us with the essence of the universe and our own that is love . That is why I thank you in advance for your participation and openness for this experience. May the spirit open the paths to find us and awaken the ancestral wisdom that is sometimes numbed within us.

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