Paulina Oviedo,Mujer de Luna

Paulina Oviedo

  • Cuenca, Cuenca, Azuay

Native Ecuadorian medicine woman of the Sacred Fire of Izachilatlan. Paulina is the carrier of rights of the Alter of Chacana, Heart of Carnation and Grandparents of the Andes. She has worked with ancestral medicines and native rituals for over 15 years and holds the sacred name of Quilla Pakari. The blessings to work with the master plants, medicines and ceremonies have been given to her by the elders of the Shuar and Andean communities.

She has studied and worked extensively throughout Latin America to deepen her connection and knowledge and of these indigenous traditions. Her voice is another powerful gift and tool. It's strong and feminine and has incredible transformative abilities.

Shes is the founding member of the collective 'Mujeres de Luna'. They work with music, dance and the written word as a source of spiritual and physical healing.

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