Promote your brand with Inspyria

Inspyria is the leading Spanish-language emotional and personal growth experience portal.

We have an extensive community that follows and recognises us for the values we share.

In addition to promoting your retreats, online courses, or retreat venues, we can bring visibility to your brand or project when it aligns with our values: Transparency, Integrity, Sustainability, and Supporting People.

5 reasons to advertise with Inspyria

A leading portal

Inspyria has been developed as the leading Spanish-language personal growth experience portal, with a monthly average of more than 25,000 visits.

Your target audience

Directly reach people interested in personal growth, healthy lifestyles, and sustainable ways of living.

Measure your results

As an online resource, you can track results to measure your listing’s effectiveness and reach.

Target your promotion

Depending on what you want to promote, we can target users or professionals. We have differentiated newsletter and website spaces to reach those that interest you most.

Expand your contacts

Our newsletter reaches more than 8,000 users and more than 1,300 sector professionals, and these numbers keep growing every day.

“We adapt to your communication needs, offering you the most effective communication option for the best results”

Reach out, and we’ll tell you all about it:

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