Why a retreat in nature?

by Inspyria  03-09-2021

When looking at retreats, we often find enhanced their ideal location in the midst of nature. Some on top of a hill, others in a leafy valley, near rivers, lakes or the sea …, no matter where, nature is an added value in all of them. Why?

Nature is order, power and the original womb

Why a retreat in nature?
In our society, you can often hear the typical discourse, that nature is cruel, animals fight for control over territories, the strong over the weak … It is a discourse that seems to justify some human behaviours, tarnished with cruelty. And despite this, most people, we go out in search of nature to fill spaces for leisure, sport, family …
Sometimes I think that the human being has ended up believing that asphalt and cement are his home. However, there is still something in us that knows atavistically that nature is our true home.

Scientists say that walking in nature regenerates the brain, provides lucidity and has relevant beneficial effects on the nervous system, due to the charge of negative ions in the air. For instance, in Japan, doctors prescribe Shinrin-yoku, the practice of forest bathing, to their patients … Instinctively, people who go through bad times come to sit on the bank of a river, on the beach, climb mountains … As if the murmur of water, wind and leaves were a healing song for our battered souls.

I believe that nature is order, power and the original womb. Order is manifested in all cycles: lunar, seasonal, day/night … and gives us peace. Power is manifested in the sprouts that make their way through the land and germinate, in the water that opens roads, in the majesty of the old trees … It has the power to regenerates us. It is also the original womb because in nature we are reminded of our true essence, it manifests in absolutely everything, flowers, fruits, insects, animals …
Why a retreat in nature?
Beyond the discourse on cruelty, in nature there is cooperation between species, continuous communication, protection for the smaller ones and veneration for the elderly. In nature there is also compassion and determination, there is wisdom to be born, and wisdom in death.

Retreats in nature recharge our batteries, and its therapeutic effects last for hours. In a retreat we have quality time for ourselves, which allows us to take real nature baths. Retreats offer the opportunity to see all the lights of the day, all the stars of the night, to realize the wide range of colours of the trees, and the different song of the birds…. Living with nature, makes it easier for us to feel that we, simply are, one more of its magnificent elements.

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